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The MCTM is an organization of professionals dedicated to promoting the teaching and learning of meaningful mathematics for all students by supporting educators in their efforts to improve mathematics instruction.

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MCTM's Commitment to Beginning Math Teachers

MCTM CONNECT (Committee to Orient and Network New/Novice Educators into a Community of (Math) Teaching) is an initiative of MCTM that attempts to reach out and support pre-service Math teachers and those in their first few years. Statistics show that many Math teachers leave the profession during their first five years and the goal of MCTM is to assist teachers in those critical years.

The committee has embarked on an ambitious program to connect with pre-service and beginning teachers, make them aware of the professional growth opportunities that MCTM and NCTM provide and to help them network with other enthusiastic math educators. A complete list of activities, including virtual mentoring, live mentoring and conferences can be found in a link in the CONNECT menu.

The planning committee for the MCTM Fall Conference receives help and suggestions from the CONNECT Committee to insure that there will be several sessions designed to meet the needs of novice teachers, who will then be encouraged to attend.

The program culminates at the joint MCTM/MinnMATYC Spring Conference each year with the CONNECT session, held on the Thursday evening before the conference begins. In addition to a meal, attendees at this event will meet and network with other attendees and leaders of mathematics education. They will also receive advice and suggestions about getting the most out of their conference attendance.

Members are encouraged to refer new colleagues to MCTM CONNECT activities. We think we can make a difference in the profession and ultimately for students.

MCTM Website Resources for New Teachers and Teachers in Training:

Ask Matt Mentor
The Virtual Mentor

CONNECT Committee
Name Position Email
Ryota Matsuura Chair
Anne Bartel Honorary Member
Rhonda Bonnstetter District Director
Dan Bungert Member
Jennie Diaz Member
Todd Frauenholtz Member
Brian Frost Member
Becky Groseth Member
Dan Halstensgard Member
Kristen Helland Member
Betty Johnston Member
Larry Luck Member
Kelsey Raasch Member
Megan Rubbelke Member
Sara Van Asten Member
May Vang Member
Terry Wyberg Member