An affiliate of the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics.
The MCTM is an organization of professionals dedicated to promoting the teaching and learning of meaningful mathematics for all students by supporting educators in their efforts to improve mathematics instruction.

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CONNECT Activities

Services that MCTM CONNECT provides include:

  • Virtual mentoring: Biweekly emails to connect with teaching ideas, problem ideas, useful websites and professional growth opportunities.
  • Mentors: Beginners who are interested can be connected with an experienced Math teacher for email and telephone consultation and support.
  • The MCTM CONNECT Session. Held the evening before the Spring Conference, pre-service and beginning teachers will make connections, learn how the maximize their conference experience, enjoy a meal compliments of MCTM and participate in the famous door prize and book give-away.
  • The MCTM Spring Conference: The major Mathematics professional development event in Minnesota each year will enable new teachers to become more aware of what others are doing and of the resources available.