An affiliate of the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics.
The MCTM is an organization of professionals dedicated to promoting the teaching and learning of meaningful mathematics for all students by supporting educators in their efforts to improve mathematics instruction.

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MCTM Foundation

Funding may support
  • Recruitment /retention assistance for math teachers, schools and district.
  • Acquisition of proper teaching tools and materials.
  • Teachers to attend external learning opportunities.
  • Peer networks within schools, districts and statewide.
  • A Math Mentor Network.
  • Business and industry partnerships, to provide practical applications.

MCTM and the MCTM Foundation offer 4 different grants or scholarships for teachers. A Comparison Summary of the grants/scholarships is available here.

Spring Conference Financial Support
The Arnie Cutler Scholarship
for Mathematics Course Work for Middle Grades Teachers

Spring Conference Financial Support

The Foundation accepts applications for financial support to participate in the annual MCTM Spring Conference up until Feb. 1st preceding each annual conference. The Grant is especially designed for beginning and mid-career teachers and awards up to $550 for expenses such as registration, lodging, mileage and/or subs. Teams or individuals may apply.

Applications are now ONLINE. Additional documents specified in the instructions can be returned via email to

Spring Conference Support Application directions

Application Worksheets
Prepare your application by completing the worksheets
Individual Application Worksheet
Team Application Worksheet

Spring Conference Support ONLINE Application Form:
Individual application
Team application

The Arnie Cutler Scholarship
for Mathematics Course Work for Middle Grades Teachers

Purpose: The purpose of this grant is to provide financial support for improving teachers’ understanding of mathematics by completing course work in mathematics. Scholarships with a maximum of $1200 each will be awarded to persons currently teaching in grades 6 – 8. Applications are due by March 31st or October 31st.

For more information and details of how to apply, download the information and cover sheet. The completed Word document together with the required photo and additional documents specified in the instructions should be returned via email to .

Arnie Cutler Scholarship Application Forms
Arnie Cutler Scholarship Cover Sheet (Editable Word docx)
Arnie Cutler Scholarship Application Information and Instructions (pdf)

About the Foundation Committee

The MCTM Foundation Governing Committee is comprised of at least nine members appointed by the MCTM President and Executive Committee to each serve a three year term. The members of the current Foundation Governing Committee are

  • Rosemary Heinitz - chair elect (2019)
  • Rhonda Bonnstetter (2018)
  • Michelle Bacon (2018)
  • Bill Eppright (2018)
  • Patty DeJarlais (2018)
  • Teresa Gonski (2019)
  • Christine Quisley (2020)
  • Sue Westegaard (2020)
  • Jan Cutler - Founder's Chair
  • Craig Rypkema - Financial Secretary, ex-officio


Credit card donations are easy with the On-line Donation Form.

Donations can be made in the following levels:

Ada Lovelace (1815 - 1852)
"The Analytical Engine weaves algebraic patterns, just as the Jacquard loom weaves flowers and leaves."
Leonardo Pisano Fibonacci (1170-1250)
"How many pairs of rabbits can be bred from one pair in a year?"
Grace Murray Hopper (Admiral) (1906-1992)
"From then on, when anything went wrong with a computer, we said it had bugs in it."
Carl Friedrich Gauss (1777 - 1855)
"If others would but reflect on mathematical truths as deeply and continuously as I have, they would make my discoveries."
Sofia Kovalevskaya (1850-1891)
"Say what you know, do what you must, come what may or....It is impossible to be a mathematician without being a poet in soul."
Benoit Mandelbrot (1924 - 2010)
"Science would be ruined if (like sports) it were to put competition above everything else, and if it were to clarify the rules of competition by withdrawing entirely into narrowly defined specialties. The rare scholars who are nomads-by-choice are essential to the intellectual welfare of the settled disciplines."
$1000 and up

More Information

For more information about the MCTM Foundation or to receive a copy of our brochure contact the Foundation Governing Board Chair, Nancy Nutting, at