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Minnesota Council of Teachers of Mathematics

An affiliate of the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics.
The MCTM is an organization of professionals dedicated to promoting the teaching and learning of meaningful mathematics for all students by supporting educators in their efforts to improve mathematics instruction.

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Teacher Incentive Grant Information

On-Line Incentive Grant Application Form

The MCTM Teacher Incentive Grant awards up to $1500 to Minnesota K –16 mathematics teachers to support educators desiring to implement innovative, standards-based projects in teaching and learning mathematics. Be sure to read the Grant Information and FAQs before submitting the online application.

Applications must be submitted by October 31st. Notification will be by Dec. 15th.

To receive funds, grant applicants must meet all of the following criteria.

  1. Be a current MCTM member at either the E-Member (free) or Sustaining Member (annual donation of $25 or more) Level on date when application is submitted. If you are not currently a member you can immediately become one and get membership info at
  2. Complete a MCTM Grant Application online.
  3. Review the FAQs for the Teacher Incentive Grant.
  4. Write a brief description of the project (250 words or less) addressing the following:
    • Statement of need
    •  Purpose
    •  Minnesota Academic Standards for Mathematics that are the focus of project
    • Project activities
    •  Plan of action
    • How you plan to assess results
    • Ability to replicate
    • ITEMIZED proposed budget with any applicable notes (see online application form)
  5. Obtain the approval of your supervisor, department chair, or administrator. Have them review your project and submit a signed letter of support on school/institution letterhead by the grant deadline of Oct. 31st. The letter should be sent to The letter should indicate:
    a. he/she has been informed about and supports the project’s goals, activities and assessments
    b. how the project meets the goals and needs of your particular students
    c. how the project supports the program for your school, district or institution
  6. Conduct the project during the current school year and submit a report sharing the standards that were a focus of the project, lesson activities, materials (including sources and costs), assessment activities and results, photos (within your district/institution guidelines), and ah ha’s by you or your students. Ideally, the report would be shared in an article for Math Bits or in a MCTM Conference Presentation.

Grant applications may be for almost any innovative purpose that involves students in a unique way. Eligible expenses include supplies, materials, equipment, printing, etc. These funds are not intended for student travel such as field trips or for the personal gain of the Project Director.

Grant awards will be based on the recommendation of the MCTM Foundation to the MCTM Board, which will award the grant. Announcement of grant recipients will be made by Dec. 15th.

The committee will determine the recipients of the grants based on the following criteria:

  • addresses Minnesota Academic Standards for Mathematics in an innovative way establishes need

  • clearly states activities that utilize best practices

  • outlines a realistic plan of action

  • has the ability to be replicated

  • includes appropriate resources/expenditures

To apply, complete the online Application.

On-Line Incentive Grant Application Form

MCTM Teacher Incentive Grant FAQs

Q:  What are the expectations if I receive the grant?

A:  If you receive the grant, it is expected that you would complete the project and use the money as outlined in your application. It is also expected that you would write a report at the completion of the project. The report would include: materials used (including sources and costs), lesson plan summaries, photos (within your district/institution guidelines), assessment materials and results, and ah-ha’s by you or your students. If possible, your report would be made available to other MCTM members via a Math Bits article or through a MCTM Conference presentation. Copyright issues should be addressed in any sharing.

Q: What kinds of equipment can I request?

A:  Any equipment is fair game. However, the project must have a plan for the equipment. Other educators must be able to replicate your project. The focus of the grant project is on the project, not just a piece of equipment. Equipment does not meet the standards or use best practices, it is how you plan to use the requested equipment to meet project goals that is important to include in your application.

Q:  Do I need to be a licensed teacher?

A:  Teacher applicants should have completed at least 1 year as a licensed MN teacher. Faculty from MN Higher Ed Institutions should meet the requirements of MN Higher Ed regulations and should have been involved in MN Higher Ed coursework for at least 1 year.

Q:  Can I submit with a partner?

A:  Yes, projects may be done by more than one teacher. Identify which person will be the project leader. All educators involved in the project should have completed one year of teaching at either the K-12 or higher ed level.

Q:  Do I have to ask for all $1500?

A: No, you may ask for any amount up to $1500.

Q:  What standards should I address?

A:  You may address any standards from the current Minnesota Academic Standards for Mathematics.

Q:  If I present, who pays for conference expenses?

A:  For each presentation at a MCTM Conference, one conference fee is waived. If you have two people involved in the project, then do presentations with 2 different topics from your project. Presenters are required to pay for their own travel, motel, food, and supplies for their session. For further details, see the MCTM speaker proposal and guidelines for conferences.

Q:  What does it mean to replicate?

A:  MCTM wants the grant money to foster new ideas and projects that can be shared with others. Other educators must be able to take your project and implement it in their own classroom/settings. If you develop lesson plans, activities, student worksheets, etc, these need to be made available so that others don’t have to redevelop them, in harmony with good copyright practices.

Q: What kinds of projects have been funded in the past?

A:  In the past years, projects include: 1) a sewing machine for a geometry quilt project ; 2) supplies for an after school math club with a geometry focus for grades 3-6; 3) Projects for Geometry and Algebra involving Visual, Auditory, and Kinesthetic learning styles and 4) supporting immigrant learners by tailoring instruction to their diagnosed math needs.

On-Line Incentive Grant Application Form

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